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World Cheese Awards 2022-2023 in Wales, U.K.

Little Cheese Farm achieved two Super Gold medals at the prestigious World Cheese Awards in Wales.


Little Cheese Farm acquires the Golden Tavola

It was with some pride that we received the Golden Tavola for our grating cheese Merx Gekruid in the Gourmet foods category!


Top chef Jeroen Meus makes delicious pumpkin risotto with our Maigre du Nord

In his popular cooking programme Dagelijkse Kost on VRT 1, Jeroen Meus made a delicious Pumpkin risotto with leeks and our gold medal winner Maigre du Nord.


World class from Lotenhulle

"Little Cheese Farm" achieved 3 SuperGold medals at the prestigious World Cheese Awards in Oviedo. A cheese competition where 250 professional judges judged more than 4,000 cheeses, say the Oscars of the cheese world.


Our ladies

The Little Cheese Farm milks 75 Jersey cows and 75 Friesian Holstein cows every day. The characteristics of the milk from both cow breeds are different


Our favourite Little Cheese Farm residents

Meet our favourite residents at Little Cheese Farm. As many as 56 Jersey breed calves put a smile on your face every morning.


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