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Little Cheese Farm acquires the Golden Tavola

It was with some pride that we received the Golden Tavola for our grating cheese Merx Gekruid in the Gourmet foods category!

It was with some pride that we received the Golden Tavola for our grating cheese Merx Gekruid in the Gourmet foods category!

Tavola is the trade fair for fine and fresh food, which has taken place in Kortrijk Xpo every two years since 1982. It is one of the most beautiful and high-quality food fairs in Europe. A must for food professionals. 

Merx Gekruid is a spherical grating cheese made from whole Jersey cow's milk. During preparation, fleur de sel (salt), ground black pepper and chopped garlic are added to the curd. Then, when bulging, the cheeses are coated with a mixture of dried flowers (cornflower, marigold and rose petals) which gives the cheeses a very attractive appearance. The cheese knolls then have to ripen for another eight weeks so that they are seasoned and sufficiently dry for grating. The cheeses have a spicy, intense flavour of salt, pepper, garlic and broth (umami). The cheese first melts in the mouth and then releases its rich spice palette. These cheeses are ideal for seasoning all kinds of dishes. This can be done by grating or scraping the cheeses over dishes. You can use this cheese as a finishing touch on a salad, on a steak, on a pasta, on an omelette, on a fried fish, in soup,... Because of this wide range of applications, this little cheese actually belongs in every catering establishment and even in every family's kitchen. The taste of a dish with or without this cheese is really a world of difference!

This cheese is available in 2 forms. A small pack (consumer pack) with 1 cheese in a glass goblet and a large pack (catering) with 6 cheeses in an egg carton.

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