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  • Belgian farmhouse

    Little Cheese Farm, Lotenhulle

  • Belgian farmhouse

    Little Cheese Farm, Lotenhulle

The terroir

In Lotenhulle in East Flanders, far away from all industry, lies our cheese farm (between Ghent and Bruges), where our cows eat grass from their own land. Perfect when you know that the cows' rations partly determine the taste of the milk and ultimately of the cheese. The terroir of the Meetjesland lends itself perfectly to our traditional cheese craft. Long green meadows flow into the many creeks for which the region is known. Fertile soil guaranteed!

The pasture, the cow, the milk and the cheeses

Own cows is own milk, and therefore own control over quality. To make our farmhouse cheeses, we want the tastiest and richest milk. We can only obtain this by milking our cows ourselves. We know exactly what the cow eats, know her milking cycle and thus also have the quality of the milk in our own hands. The cows enjoy the outdoors, with protection from rain and wind. They are mainly fed roughage from our own farms (grass, hay, maize). Thus, the short-chain is also respected. The "Little Cheese Farm" cows are given sufficient space and their lactation cycle is always respected. Our cows are fantastically cared for, including massage!

A well-groomed and happy cow also gives quality milk (rich in fats and proteins). Because we know both the soil and the cow and her diet, we can assess the quality of the milk exactly. This is extremely important, because the delicious fresh whole milk remains the most important basic product for our farm cheese (more than 99%). The other ingredients are starter cultures (lactic acid bacteria) to convert lactose or milk sugar into lactic acid and rennet (enzyme from a calf's abomasum) to thicken the milk. The fresh whole cow's milk goes from the cow to the pasteuriser, where it is heated to 72°C for a few seconds. The milk then runs straight into the cheese vat... it couldn't be fresher.

Our cheese factory

In our own cheese factory, all our cheeses are made according to traditional recipes. Using our own recipes, our milk is turned into cheese. From curd preparation to draining, pressing, brining and ripening takes place on our farm. Ripening also determines the taste and aroma of the cheese. That is why we provide special ripening rooms where we closely monitor all parameters. Just think of temperature, air circulation, humidity. After ripening, our artisanal cheeses arrive in the cheese shop, ready to be tasted!

World Cheese Awards 2022-2023 in Wales, U.K.

Little Cheese Farm achieved two Super Gold medals at the prestigious World Cheese Awards in Wales.


Little Cheese Farm acquires the Golden Tavola

It was with some pride that we received the Golden Tavola for our grating cheese Merx Gekruid in the Gourmet foods category!


Top chef Jeroen Meus makes delicious pumpkin risotto with our Maigre du Nord

In his popular cooking programme Dagelijkse Kost on VRT 1, Jeroen Meus made a delicious Pumpkin risotto with leeks and our gold medal winner Maigre du Nord.


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